What We Saw at CES: 3 Facets of IoT That Are Coming to Your Business

| By Richard Pellegrini

Since 2018 is well underway, it means one of the biggest technological showcases of the year has reared its head and given technology vendors across the globe the chance to show off their latest offerings.


This year at CES 2018 iBasis was happy to send our own expertise to see what IoT offerings are coming over the horizon. As with every tech expo, there were plenty of spectacular new offerings – and some that missed the mark. But as far as IoT is concerned, the future is here, and the tech is only evolving to bring even more IoT solutions into your home and business. Here are a few of the most promising IoT solutions we saw at CES this year that you can expect to see in 2018 and beyond.


Howard Davidson CES



Security is Getting an IoT Upgrade


While the constant threat of cyberattack is on every business owner’s mind, the threat of IoT device security can easily take a backseat.


CES had a number of IoT-based security offerings to showcase, including a host of new IoT offerings that offer next-generation levels of security for homes and business. Improved security of IoT devices themselves was acknowledged with IotaBeam’s StarDust, which is a security service for low power IoT devices.


As the number of smart connected IoT devices increase, often so do the number of security vulnerabilities they present. With improved security for IoT devices themselves in the works, businesses can rest assured their new technology will offer protection from every angle.


Prepare for Connected Wearables


One of the most promising markets for IoT technology is the burgeoning “wearables” market which is quickly moving from science fiction to reality with emerging technology.


Wearable technology first hit the mainstream with Google’s failed Google Glass, and the increasingly popular wearable Apple Watch. But CES showed us that wearable technology is moving far beyond a second wrist-based screen for your iPhone.


One of the most intriguing new pieces of tech we saw was the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music, which is a leading device in the emerging smartwatch market. This device marks the beginning of connected wearable devices that will be used for health and wellness tracking, fitness, and leisure. Pretty soon, devices will be worn rather than carried like current smartphones – and the possibilities for this technology are endless once they’re universally connected to 4G.


For those waiting on virtual reality to hit the corporate mainstream, Royole’s 4G LTE Moon looks like a promising offering. The device will offer a wearable VR-like 3D home theater option for businesses ready to take their marketing and training to a new level – and it will all be connected to the wearable and personal tech users will be carrying. As devices like the LTE Moon progress into the business market, savvy marketers will begin to start thinking in new dimensions to catch customer’s eyes – and businesses will have a whole new medium to develop a market for.


Howard Davidson



IoT Connected Transportation Is on Its Way


Pretty soon, even your mode of transportation will be connected into the IoT. At CES this year, we saw a few emerging connected transportation technologies that we think will impact your business – or at least how you and your customers get there.


The UJet was the star of the show for most attendees. This electric scooter, which will have a top speed of 30 miles per hour and a battery range of up to 93 miles, will have its own cellular connectivity to the smart devices users will wear and carry with them always. Users of the scooter will be able to find, unlock and share their scooter remotely using their personal devices, and track their personal miles and gas saved by using the UJet. Additionally, if stolen, the scooter can be remotely disabled by the user’s smartphone to ensure it remains with its rightful owner.


That wasn’t the only promising connected transportation device we saw at CES 2018. The Relync R1 is a similar electric scooter with a different mission – to offer easy, connected transportation for those with transportation disabilities. The easy-to-fold scooter offers a promising, easy-to-use mobility solution for users looking to get around in a connected world.


The Future of IoT Is Here


CES 2018 gave us just a glimpse of what technology is to come into the IoT market in 2018 and beyond. Every exhibit showcased an exciting new technological opportunity, some of which we may see in our own offices in no time at all.


As IoT solutions become more common in the home and workplace, connectivity into the IoT will always be an issue. iBasis will be ready to offer the IoT connectivity solutions for global connectivity to ensure it works seamlessly in your business – regardless of which new gadgets you decide to offer.

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