IPX Evolutions: VoLTE, IoT, Roam Like Home and Analytics

| By Madeline Stoker


A few weeks ago ROCCO announced the tier one vendors in their IPX Networks Vendor Performance Research. Among the five companies MNO rated as the best in performance and leadership was iBASIS.

Recently Jason Bryan, ROCCO CEO, interviewed Chris Lennartz iBasis Head of Product Management Mobile Services that we are pleased to share.

Jason Bryan: Congratulations on the recent success in the IPX Research!

Chris Lennartz: We are very honored to be recognized as one of Tier 1 IPX vendors, it is truly the reward we have been looking for after our tremendous growth in LTE roaming and the confirmation that mobile operators are looking for a more open environment. They are demanding a lot more in terms of IP expertise, operational support in managing their exploding data roaming traffic and creative way, innovations to face the quickly changing market.

We are exceptionally happy with two things:  

  • First of all, I am very proud that we are ranked first in the general rating, ie the general perception of the operators. That intuitive result at the end of the day says more to me than the eventual numerical result.
  • And second, the graph of the vendor performance over the last 3 years shows the impressive progress of iBasis: from a 3,83 to a 4,12 where the establishment remains the same or lower. This for me is the objective proof that our Challenger and “making LTE roaming work” mantra has worked. We are now part of the establishment, which means we provide a Tier 1 service, but we will NEVER lose our challenger mentality. A mentality which is still present in our campaign “Partnership + Adaptability + Excellence, it’s in our nature”.

Jason:  One highlight from the report on iBasis was that you are an easy company to work with, why do you think it is?

Chris: As said, our motto when we started this 5 years ago was “Making LTE Roaming Work” which in practice means we won’t leave the premises of the customer until everything work like expected. And more. We have done bespoke solutions with customers where they had a problem with their HSS SW version which we could resolve in our DRAs for 1/10th of the cost of the alternative. As a challenger, we go the extra mile because all the turmoil in the roaming market asks for a partner which is extremely flexible on all fronts: technical, operational but also commercial. We adapt ourselves to the context of the customer. That is why our new campaign revolves around Partnership, Adaptability and Excellence being in our nature, which means we will never treat any customer like one of many, but we will treat all of them as our very first.

Listen to the entire interview now!

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